"There is no cause to be alarmed"


SECRET ID : Certainly not a ravening horror from beyond time and space
ARCHETYPE : Corruptor
ORIGIN : Natural
PRIMARY : Fire Blast
SECONDARY : Storm Summoning
GLOBAL ID : @Min Min

There is no cause for alarm.

This entity is merely a minor creature of air and fire from an elemental plane not too far from here. A sprite if you will. It is certainly not the iceberg-tip manifestation of a burning, raging, hungering horror from beyond space-time.

So, there is no cause for alarm.

See? Even the name this entity has adopted is to show that our senses of humour are similar. Zephyr is a word for wind in your dominant tongue. Zephyr + Fire = Zephyre. Amusing, no? Surely a gibbering horror from outside reality wouldn't be intelligent enough to be amusing?

So, obviously there is no cause for alarm.

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