X8 Report

Report: Extraordinary 8 (X8) capabilities and tactics
Addendum: Ritki Warzone activity
Agent: Stygian Darkness, on secondment to Vanguard
(dictated – entered by numerary00252)

Targets: Propeller Prime (Kheldian host, leader)
Dragon Puff
Final Midnight
Maroon (Kheldian host)
Ms Conduct

General outline:
X8 are powerful, but they are fractious, easily distracted and quick to anger with the
right kind of taunting. Final Midnight is the most susceptible to this tactic.
The group is well known and something of a figurehead group in the Paragon hero community.
As individuals many are obviously past their prime, and the new threat of the Ritki invasion has them stretched.

Tactical assessment:
When operating as a group they are powerful, Prime tends to lead the charge with the
others following. However, when presented with multiple dispersed targets, the group
is prone to breaking up. The stuffed toy (sic, Dragon puff) and Final Midnight appear
to be the main breakaways, regularly leaving the safety of the group, making them
easy targets.
On two occasions I was able to isolate members of the group and incapacitate them,
necessitating that other team members leave the fight to assist them.

Their leader, Prime, is very observant and hard to deceive, but when in action his
fervent heroism takes over and he is just another lug-necked vigilante (sic). As a
result many times during melee I was able to attack the team to test their defenses.
Their defenses are sound, especially when together in a group. however they are
susceptible to sustained ranged attacks.

Although I could not get too many details, it is obvious that there is a lot of personal
“history” within the group. I strongly suggest that an agent is put onto gathering
more of this intelligence, as it would prove invaluable in demoralising the team
prior to any engagements.

As long as they can be kept from forming a cohesive group, the individuals make easy
targets. The best tactic is to give the X8 a patsy target to focus on, and then provide
targets of opportunity to draw away susceptible members and defeat them.
This in turn will draw other team members away from the safety of the group.
By whittling the herd we can take out X8 piecemeal with little threat.

Action: By Hammer
They are high profile heroes, their defeat would bring a blow to moral for paragon city, make them a high priority target.
Stygian Darkness continue operations in RWZ, other resources to be placed in intel…

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