Vostok Core

"Foolish humans!"


SECRET ID : Anya Iridenkova (the name of the host body)
ARCHETYPE : Dominator
ORIGIN : Science
PRIMARY : Plant Control
SECONDARY : Icy Assault
GLOBAL ID : @Min Min


POWERS : The intelligent microcolony that control this body have reengineered it to suit their requirements for extreme cold and utilise there own psionic powers to control plant life around them. Further modifications and enhancements at the cellular level have increased the host body's tensile strength substantially as well, allowing huge leaps into the air as well as extremely damaging attacks from ice shards that the internal temperature control can create.

Anya Iridenkova was a russian scientist investigating ice cores from Lake Vostok when she was taken over by a colony of plant-like alien micro-organisms that inhabit the lake.

The colonies had lived there for millenia not caring about humans at all, but recent human-caused global warming threatens to destroy their chosen habitat. So they've used their sophisticated nano-technology to reshape and empower their host human body and had her travel back to human civilisation.

Her designation was plucked from the last thoughts of her human mind: Vostok Core. Her mission: procure a means for the colonies to leave this planet or destroy all human life. Whichever seems more feasible.

Vostok Core was my first level 50 and still is one of my favourite characters. Plant/Ice is an incredibly strong combination for a Dominator and even when heavily Malefactored she's got a fair swathe of useful powers. She's also my villain Badge Hunter with a considerable count of badges so far.

She's not really a roleplay character though, although her story is kind of cool (pun intended :) ). Lake Vostok is a real place; 4 kilometres under the ice of Antarctica, it's one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world and is named for Vostok station, the Russian Antarctic base which just happens to sit on the ice directly above it. It's never actually been drilled into, but various scientists speculate that it is a good analogue to the frozen ocean beneath Europa, one of Jupiter's moons.

I started her in late 2005, after I realised that my first villain charcter, Entrope, was really not doing it for me. In January 2006, I met @Lili, playing Discurate. Discurate and Vostok Core spent about as much time in a duo as we did soloing through to about L40. At one stage prior to I7, Discurate and Vostok Core were the only regularly active SINISTER characters for a couple of months, due to most people having L40s already and I7 taking such a long time to come out.

Vostok Core can PvP, but is not built for it. The way I figure it, any win is a major victory and losses are to be expected. She has the first two of the Recluse's Victory Pillbox and Heavy badges and all the PvP zone 5 hour badges.

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