Vicious Traditions

"Omnes vulnerant, postuma necat."


SECRET ID : Too many to list
ARCHETYPE : Dominator
ORIGIN : Magic
PRIMARY : Plant Control
SECONDARY : Thorny Assault
GLOBAL ID : @Redoubt
POWERS : Infused with the power of a nature spirit, Vicious Traditions can summon and manipulate plant essence. He uses this ability to contain and confuse his opponents, or as a weapon in the form of thorny, envenomed spikes grown from his body.


Who am I? A reasonable question, I suppose, under the circumstances. Allow me to enlighten you.

I have my grandfather to thank for my current state, I suppose. Faced with failing crops and rebellious chattel, he conceived of the idea of inducing a supernatural entity to guarantee his prosperity. He was a man of great resourcefulness and cunning; bending a minor nature spirit to his will presented no significant challenge, and his strength ensured that my family's fortunes prospered in the midst of the chaos of neighbouring lands. My grandfather was indeed a great man.

Would that my father had possessed the same strength. Not a year after my grandfather's death, the slaves gathered their paltry courage and took the villa, killing all within. All except me, obviously. Seeing my father's weakness, my grandfather had passed to me the means to call upon his pet sprite. He likely knew that I, despite my young age, was best equipped to guard the honour of the family name. I'd imagine that the spirit believed it was cursing me with its dying breath, dooming me to a long life of suffering and regret over the death of my kin as I leeched the essence from its form. In truth, I smiled as I ensnared and impaled my father's killers, and laughed as my former home burned to its foundation around me.

So much has occurred between then and now, but I regret that you'll not have time to hear it. You appear to have staunched the bleeding, but the poison will doubtless take hold soon. I'd be most grateful if you could direct me to your "Midnighter Club" before that happens - I've a family reunion to attend.

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