Thorn Moon

Victory is a Virtue!


ARCHETYPE : Dominator
ORIGIN : Magic
PRIMARY : Gravity Control
SECONDARY : Thorny Assault
POWERS : Like all Tsoo, magical tattoos are the source of his power.


Thorn Moon was a devoted member of the Tsoo, believing the doctrines of Tub Ci, and in the glorious destiny of those who followed them. He gave all that was required, including the ultimate sacrifice of providing his only child as chattel to Tub Ci. Secure in his belief that this was the path of honour, he redirected his pain to increase his strength and redouble his training. In recognition of his devotion, he was trained in the ways of the Crescent, learning to twist the very fabric of space and use it against his foes.

But doubt was cast upon his actions when he heard stories of his daughter's refusal to submit to Tub Ci. Finally when he heard of her escape, and how she had exhibited the power of Midnight, and bested Tub Ci, if only for moment, everything he believed was cast into doubt. She had shown power, contrary to all of the Tsoo teachings, and he had chosen to suppress that power. With all of his beliefs shaken, his powers were weakened, and he could no longer continue with the Tsoo.

Confused and unfocussed he wandered in search of his daughter, but weak and powerless he was quickly overcome by heroes and immediately incarcerated. In the years that followed he meditated on the precepts of the Tsoo, and worked on separating the true core principles from the rotten dogma of Tub Ci. After many years he resolved that he would rebuild the Tsoo, discarding the dishonour which Tub Ci had heaped upon the ancestral traditions, and bring them to their true destiny of greatness. Finally the opportunity to escape presented itself and he fled to the Rogue Isles, intent upon his goals, and hopefully to be reunited with his daughter.

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