The Lotus Project

Ghostly Figure Haunts Mercy Island

… … … . Several sightings have occurred in this non-descript alleyway.

There have been multiple reports of a ghostly figure haunting the alleyways of Mercy Island in recent weeks. Witnesses have been shaken, and some are suffering psychological damage after the encounters, "it was like the icy grip of death on my heart" reported one resident of Port Oakes, who happened to be visiting for the day. However, local residents seem quite unphased, "this place is crawling with gangers, mutant creatures, and law-enforcers, do you think I have time to worry about some ghost?" answered one grafitti artist.

Some are drawing connections between the sightings and a recent spate of mysterious deaths. "It's not like we're not used to finding dead bodies around here, but there was something different about these ones, they were physically undamaged, just dead and cold with a look of terror on their face. These aren't done by the regular culprits, and it's too subtle for your average destined one." Law enforcement are unwilling to comment on the situation, "you think we have time to investigate every murder around here?" answered RIP Jones.

Fortunata Kalinda, sheperd of the Destined Ones, declined comment also, "Ghostly apparations are of no interest to me. Perhaps Veluta Lunata at Port Hades can help you."

Only one Mercy Island resident provided more information, an unnamed man in a white labcoat told us "it's that damned Lotus Project … fools thought they could control it … told them it would escape … a psychic pathogen, madness! it will destroy us all." Unfortunately he cannot be found for further comment, and Arachnos forces have locked down his apartment.

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