The Discurate

Weak mortals, you shall appease the hunger of the artifacts!


ARCHETYPE : Dominator
ORIGIN : Magic
PRIMARY : Fire Control
SECONDARY : Icy Assault
POWERS : Its power comes from a number of magical artifacts, carefully gathered and protected.

Originally a mild-mannered musuem curator, William Snyde received a mysterious delivery from an unknown source. It was clearly a very special artifact, and recognizing it as the discovery of his career he resolved to keep it secret until he could fully understand it. However, as he uncovered more and more of its power, his fascination turned to obsession, and he began to guard it with a fierce jealousy. The artifact revealed things to him not just of its own nature, but about the other artifacts under his care, powers which had always been within his grasp but had remained hidden until then.

His thirst for knowledge slowly being usurped by a thirst for power, he went to lengths which he had never imagined before. Performing rituals from ancient tomes which he had laughed at previously, not realizing what could be gained through them by those with the will. The rituals required much of him both physically and mentally, and his appearance changed, as he took on a more sinister aspect, and eventually began a regime of self-mutilation. Finally, satisfied that his humanity was gone altogether he restyled himself as The Discurate, and discarded the weak human morality, replacing it with a lust for power and glee in its exercise which he had learned from the artifact. He now turned to the darkest most ghastly rituals of human sacrifice, abducting whoever he could find as victim.

But between them The Discurate and his artifact did not have the art of subtelty or discretion. Investigators quickly made the connection between the disappearances, and the obvious madness of the museum curator. In a midnight operation to save one last victim, a group of heroes stormed his hideout and took him by force. Stripped of his possessions and incarcerated in the Zig, they thought him contained and powerless, not realizing how irrevocably he had been altered, and how much power and knowledge he retained. All he needed to do was wait.

His physical transformation was not permanent, and The Discurate retains the ability to revert his original, human appearance when necessary. His abilities are not static, he has moments of excessive power. When that power is ready to be released his demonic form starts to show, and becomes fully exposed when he accesses that power in an impressive explosion.

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