Stygian Darkness

<Time to Fry!!>


ARCHETYPE : Corrupter
ORIGIN : Science
PRIMARY : Radiation Blast
SECONDARY : Thermal Radiation
GLOBAL ID : @Stygian

The child that became Stygian Darkness was born and raised in the toxic wasteland surrounding Chernobyl. The only member of the family to survive the radiation, the child was taken by the government and studied. The horrid experiments performed by Russian and Western scientists alike set a deep hatred inside the growing boy; a hatred of the ‘New Order’, of the West, a hatred that manifested itself in terrible destructive powers.
The boy killed all the scientists in the lab and escaped, and, shivering in the dark as the acid rain fell on his bare scalp, Stygian Darkness came to be. For many years he travelled alone, taking what he needed and leaving a bizarre trail of irradiated victims in his wake. Then one day while flipping through the newspapers he saw an article on The Hammer, the great Soviet hero, now treated like a common criminal.
Finally he had found what he was seeking. All his hate, the loss of his family, the experiments… all this he knew was the fault of the West and the ‘new Russia’. They were the ones to be blamed for the failures at Chernobyl. He had been trying to get revenge, but in the great hero, the Hammer, he saw the true path.
Stygian contrived to be captured by Longbow, and made his presence in Paragon city known. Eventually he attracted the attention of Lord Recluse and was taken to the Isles. Now he fights alongside the Hammer sowing seeds of chaos and destruction in Paragon City, fighting to bring back the dream and the glory of the old Soviet Union.

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