Hay hay! I'm StopOver. You can call me Stop cause we've been introduced now, that makes us friends :)
I am the koolest member of SINISTER by far. You can tell because I spell kool with a k.
I've been playing for over 3 years now and am lucky enough to have roped my beautiful wife Lotus into playing as well (Lotus Fiend).
I guess I'm the default PvPer of the group but don't hold that against me…I'm also the resident CHRISTian guy…see if you can get that to make sense :)
I have 6 level 50's and have developed quite a taste for it, so look out for more. I also have quite a few alts…mostly chosen by their PvP ability, even if made for PvE. I enjoy Farming, Strike Forces and long walks on the beach. I'm (in)famous for frequently beating the poopie out of Tyson Sterling, Bourbon Bullet and Tone, although I get an honourable mention for being the one to uncover Lili's secret obsession with Empathy Defenders.
So without further ado, the All Star cast is below…

LEVEL 50's

Stalker - Energy Melee/Energy Aura
My main PvP toon and an awesome one if I may say so
pic coming
Pure Gentleman
Brute - Electric Melee/Willpower
My Farming toon, destroyer of Nemesis
Pic coming
Corrupter - Fire Blast/Pain Domination
Down for whatever. Has TP friend!
Pic coming
MasterMind - Thugs/Poison
My first Villain 50 and a straight up Gangsta
Pic coming
Pure Avenger
Scrapper - Martial Arts/Regeneration
Easy street and a lot of fun
Pic coming
Bolt of Purity
Blaster - Electric Blast/Electric
My very first 50. Now in a horrible state of disrepair with only a smattering of enhancements - much to my shame
Pic coming


Ice in my Veins
Corrupter - Ice Blast/Radiation Control
Level 43 and very likely 50 number 7 ;)
Pic coming
Pure Chill
Tanker - Ice Armour/Super Strength
My current project and a lot of fun. Hopefully unkillable in PvP :D
Pic coming


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