State Of Decay

<Battlecry here>


ARCHETYPE : Corruptor
ORIGIN : Science
PRIMARY : Radiation Blast
SECONDARY : Kinetics
GLOBAL ID : @Hamern


FEC regulations state 15 minutes maximum exposure at that dosage … and how long were we in there? 37MINUTES!!

Heroes, they called us; but there we lay. With me broken and twisted on white sheets and Marco on a cold hard slab. They even sent in one of their precious superheroes to present the medal, all strong and handsome while he pinned it to the pillow among the tubes to my ruined head. But worst of all was Maryanne, my beautiful, perfect Maryanne. The look of horror on her face, the terrible pity that I thought was for my plight but soon learnt was because at that moment she knew she would leave. It was not hard to break into Maryanne's flat, I still had the key after all. And while she slept, I used my new found powers to age her body. By the time she awoke, her slender figure was withered, her flawless face dried and wrinkled. I could not live without her, but if I must live in a broken husk, then so shall she! How she screamed, I could still hear her as they took me away. I smiled ….

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