Sandwich Monkey

One Smash on Rye, Comin up


SECRET ID :Unknown
ORIGIN :Mutation
PRIMARY :Dark Melee
SECONDARY :Electrical Armour

CHARACTER HISTORY :A cautionary tale on the care and handling of animal companions for an aspiring evil overlord. Sandwich Monkey was a monkey that was given greater intelligence so as to act as a faithful companion and food preparer.

After running out of test subjects right on the verge of completing his latest mutation masterpiece, Sandwich Monkey's diabolical(and not too intelligent) master made the mistake of assuming more loyalty in his now large, spikey and rather energised former faithful companion and food preparer.

After 'accidentally' trashing the lab that spawned him, Sandwich Monkey then spent a night on Paragon which earned him his place in the Zig(despite protests from the animal wildlife organisations… silly people).

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