Role Playing

Role playing (RP) is when you talk and act as your character, rather than yourself. For example: "Those Marcones are so full of themselves Iit's time someone took them down a notch, you in?" as opposed to "Family are easy xp, and the devs are gonna nerf them soon, let's fight em while we can." Role playing alone isn't much fun, but it definitely can be in a good group. Different groups take different approaches to role playing, some are more relaxed, and some are positively uptight. SINISTER itself is light on roleplaying, although the occasional character has such a strong personality that they'll get into role occasionally. However, there are a few opportunities to RP with SINISTER members and others:

  • The Cirque du Sinistre occasionally puts on a show for the hapless denizens of the Rogue Isles and Paragon CIty. This is a very relaxed humorous group and their appearance is quite improptu. Keep an eye out for the two Bobos.
  • The Rogue Isles Aggressors are SINISTER's secret weapon and could be released at any time onto an unsuspecting world. This is another improptu group.
  • There are several affiliated role playing groups which typically meet weekly and are more organized. They can be contacted on the forums.
  • Finally, for the offline role player, we have the art and stories pages, as well as the villain stories on this website, check the roster.
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