Rogue Isles Aggressors

The Rogue Isles Aggressors are a new initiative by Aeon Labs and the S.I.N.I.S.T.E.R organisation and operating under the auspices of Arachnos. Conceived as an answer to the insidious so-called "Paragon Protectors" that continually turn up in the Rogue Isles on so-called humanitarian missions, the RIA have been authorised to respond with all ranges of force, from Lethal all the way to Obliterative. Each RIA unit is fully self-aware and largely autonomous, but operates within defined parameters, and is subject to remote override if necessary. There exact nature is not clearly defined, while their tissue and physiology are human, they are not created through normal human reproductive cycles. They have also been modified to remove undesirable traits such as emotional behaviour, with varying degrees of success.

Multiple units have been released as part of the initial testing phase, and are free to roam in Mercy Island, Port Oakes and Cap Au Diable. Their performance is being carefully monitored and reported upon, particularly assessing the success of autonomous function. Currently operational units are:

  • RIA Extreme Force: ( @Min Min ) The first prototype modeled after the "Brute" villain template. This unit has been designed for frontal assault.
  • RIA Total Lockdown: ( @Lili )This unit is optimized for suppression and lockdown of large groups, providing support for the efficient operation of other units.
  • RIA Final Sanction ( @Hamern )
  • RIA Maximum Pain (@Null Sheen)
  • RIA Quarantine (@Count Vulcan)
  • RIA Terminal Charge (@Stygian)
  • RIA Covert Monitor ( @Graal ) Integrated Employee Surveillance/Punishment unit featuring 100% Charisma Suppression
  • RIA Blazing Inferno (@TheBandit)
  • RIA Last Resort (@nicolas)
  • RIA Zero Tolerance (@Regina Spectra)
  • RIA Deadly Riposte
Featuring Left to Right: RIA Final Sanction, RIA Extreme Force, RIA Total Lockdown, RIA Covert Monitor, RIA Last Resort

New Units

New units are always welcome, and should follow the costume theme:

Head - Full Helmet
Helmet - Tech Helm (1A,4G)
Upper Body - Tight
Chest - Stealth - Stealth (1A,4G)
Shoulders - Small (1A,4G)
Chest Detail - Stealth (1B,4H)
Gloves - Bone - Bone 1 Metal (1A,4G)
Belt - Stealth (1B,4H)
Lower Body - Tight
Pants - Stealth - Stealth (1A,4G)
Boots - Bone - Metallic (1A,4G)

RIA Extreme Force


RIA Total Lockdown


RIA Covert Monitor

Sometimes employees can become enemies. Now, more than ever, corporate internal security is of paramount importance to the bottom line.

SINISTER Industries in association with Aeon Labs introduces the Rogue Island Aggressor Covert Monitor.

Adaptive TrueStealth technology ensures that your employees never know when they are being watched. Hardened flesh armour and weaponless combat programming means the RIA Covert Monitor can pass unnoticed between secured sections of your workplace to terminate problem staff. Integrated surveillance/punishment has never been easier!

But that's not all. The RIA Covert Monitor features a central processing unit that uses neurons harvested from only the most hardened sociopaths combined with the latest in behavioural control circuitry to ensure 100% charisma suppression in every unit. You can trust it to bring fear to your workplace in ways you've never even dreamed of.

The Covert Monitor is the only choice for the stern employer who wants to send the clear message to his or her employees: "You are being watched, and if you do anything wrong, you will be killed".

Sales Enquiries: 1-800-555-7678
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LEGAL NOTICE: The RIA Covert Monitor is sold only for legal employee re-education purposes as specified in the "X112-33.2 Workplace Incarceration And Acceptable Torture Edict (Lord Recluse) 2007". The RIA Covert Monitor is not to be used for industrial espionage, sabotage or any other illegal purpose. The purchaser is liable for all legal culpability and damages arising from any such illegal use.


RIA Terminal Charge™

This unit demonstrates the rapid advances being made with the RIA program. Based on the RIA Extreme Force™ template, RIA Terminal Charge™ is a next-generation order-enforcement operative. As with all RIA units the operative has the standard ablative armour shell, which is now reinforced with a bioelectric feedback generator – adding a real spark to this RIA units’ already impressive conflict resolution capability.

The RIA Terminal Charge™ operative is highly trained in many combat techniques for subduing individual and group threats, and will not allow personal safety to impede mission success.

As if that was not enough, this RIA unit is also equipped with sonic resonators designed specifically to enrage assailants and draw their focus, freeing other operatives and your property from attack.

RIA Last Resort

Last Resort was a small project only known by the tops directors of the RIA, with the famous quantum physician Mathias Blasowski as the lead on the project. The project consisted of using some component in a Rikti portal device to open a energy stream from the Netherworld. Sadly, it took 34 "volunteers" to finally be able to stabilize the energy flux as a armor layer. The results were impresive enough to dispatch 1 unit to test its potential

RIA Deadly Riposte

The latest addition to the Rogue Island Aggressors, Deadly Riposte utilises talent gleaned from the ancient race known as Samurai. Wielding two blades, this unit engages foes in a graceful yet lethal dance. A small abnormality in its programming has resulted in the unit being able to regenerate its health somewhat faster when surrounded by multiple enemies. For now, scientists are happy with this unforeseen side-effect but they are keeping a close eye on the Deadly Riposte unit in case other, less positive, side-effects manifest.
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