Retired Villains

Some people just aren't cut out for a life of villainy, others just like to kick back and enjoy the spoils. Whatever the reason, you'll find them here, mock them or respect them, as you wish.

MarkXIVBio.jpg Mark XIV @Screwloose
Mastermind - Robotics / Traps

EcoRatBio.jpg Economic Rationalism @Screwloose
Dominator - Mind Control / Psionic Assault

"For the share price!"
bandfellstarwp3.jpg Fellstar @Min Min
Dominator - Ice Control / Fiery Assault

With stolen alien technology at her grasp and the whole world there for the taking!
NolaKBio.jpg Nola K @NolaK
Mastermind - Mercenaries / Dark

bannernobanneriw0.jpg State of Decay @Hamern
Corruptor - Radiation Blast / Kinetics

screenshot_2007-09-09-01-34-26.jpg Plett Centurica @Link Centurica
Mastermind - Mercenaries / Force Fields

bannernobanneriw0.jpg Sandwich Monkey @XCA-1000
Brute - Dark Melee / Electrical Armor

"One SMASH on Rye, coming up!"
bannerfrightnightcp6.jpg Fright Night @theBandit
Mastermind - Necromancy / Force Fields

bannernobanneriw0.jpg Llilianna @Hamern
Brute - Energy Melee / Energy Armor

"You are, like, so dead!"
bannernobanneriw0.jpg Elektra Magnetik @Hamern
Dominator - Gravity Control / Energy Assault

"You don't understand the gravity of the situation…"
mideyebannerrt5.jpg Midnight Eye @Yellow.Streak
Stalker - Martial Arts / Ninjitsu

"The Eye sees all!"
l_9ca4891789efb468190fffa4dcab7c49.jpg Burn the Lot @KnockaroundGuy
Dominator - Fire Control / Fiery Assault

"Is it getting hot in here??"
l_953a2ff5b70c247654678c0a6149e867.jpg Mister Electrico @KnockaroundGuy
Brute - Electrical Melee / Electric Armour

bannernobanneriw0.jpg Varasin
Stalker - Dark Melee/Regeneration

missgvessbannerdn4.jpg Miss G Vess @RandomFoliage
Brute - Dual Blades / Willpower

MindwipeLandscape.jpg Mindwipe @theBandit
Dominator - MindControl / Psionic Assault

"Your Mind is Mine!!"
bannermtfujibv7.jpg Mt Fuji @theBandit
Brute - Stone Hammer / Stone Armor

katyanecrosbannerjl3.jpg Katya Necros @ORae
Mastermind - Necromancy / Dark Miasma

bannerpsionicfrostuk8.jpg Psionic Frost @Regina Mortis
Dominator - Ice Control / Psionic Assault

bannernobanneriw0.jpg Blackaxe @XCA-1000
Brute - Dual Blades / Willpower

"Heave to dog and surrender the plunder!"
bannerhelriname1.jpg Helrina @Destrode
Brute - Super Strength / Fiery Aura

bannerdestrodedh7.jpg Destrode @Destrode
Mastermind - Robotics / Force Fields

bannernobanneriw0.jpg Pure Gentleman @StopOver
Brute - Electrical Melee/Willpower

AntiSocialite_Roster.jpg AntiSocialite @Redoubt
Mastermind - Thugs / Traps

From high society to low-life! Greetings from Roland Williams. I am the executor of the estate of the late Joseph Ko, former dictator. I need a overseas bank account into which I will deposit seventeen (17) million dollars… .
Marthoslandscape.jpg Marthos @Destrode
Mastermind - Thugs / Poison

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