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Hi everybody, I'm Redoubt - but then, you alrady knew that because it's at the top of the page. I live in Canberra, Australia and I've been playing City of Heroes and City of Villains since September 2006, mainly on the Victory server until a lack of population during my play times prompted me to branch out to the Justice server and join S.I.N.I.S.T.E.R. in January 2009. You'll see me around most week nights after 9:00 PM Australian Eastern Time, and at irregular intervals on the weekend, and I'm almost always up for a team or a Strike Force when I have the time.

Random facts: I have a strong predeliction for heavy-hitting melee archetypes, with six of my nine level 50 characters being Scrappers or Brutes (plus a token Stalker). I'm trying to break the habit, but it's hard to give up all those big orange numbers. I mostly play PvE, though I've been known to venture into the arena occasionally and I don't mind a challenge when I'm in a PvP zone getting badges or temp powers. After one failed attempt and nearly 3 years of waiting, I've finally participated in a successful Lord Recluse Strike Force as part of S.I.N.I.S.T.E.R.'s successful Master run on 20/8/2009. Conversely, I was soloing the Positron Task Force long before it was "cool". I don't post on the official boards very much.

Below are some of my S.I.N.I.S.T.E.R. villains.

Gigabeast_Roster.jpg Gigabeast @Redoubt
Brute - Super Strength / Electrical Armor

Exiled to Power! Here Be Dragons! Remove this span at your peril, it is all that is protecting you from a violent fiery immolation of reptilian breath! Here Be Dragons! Remove this span at your peril, it is all that is protecting you from a violent fiery immolation of reptilian breath!
Ergomaniak_Roster.jpg Ergomaniak @Redoubt2
Corruptor - Ice Blast / Kinetics

There's madness in his method
AntiSocialite_Roster.jpg AntiSocialite @Redoubt
Mastermind - Thugs / Traps

From high society to low-life!
Omega_Engine_Roster.jpg Omega Engine @Redoubt
Brute - Electrical Melee / Stone Armor

Lovable loser no more!

The rest of my Justice villains currently lack pictures and bios, but they will appear one day (probably).

Name Archetype Primary Secondary Level Comments
Lady Onslaught Brute Dark Melee Energy Aura 50 My first villain 50, transplanted from Victory
Alpha HK Brute Super Strength Fiery Armour 50
Cortez the Killer Stalker Broadsword Ninjitsu 50
Mia Anarchy Brute Stone Melee Willpower 43
Project Orbweaver Arachnos Soldier Crab Spider Soldier Crab Spider Training 34
Heuristyx Arachnos Widow Fortunata Training Fortunata Teamwork 32
Vicious Traditions Dominator Plant Control Thorny Assault 30
Brother Crucible Corruptor Fire Blast Dark Miasma 28
Madame Misery Corruptor Sonic Attack Pain Domination 28

Thanks to free server transfers during January 2010, most of my old Victory heroes are now on Justice as well:

Name Archetype Primary Secondary Level Comments
Lady Redoubt Scrapper Broadsword Invulnerability 50
Lord Zelos Scrapper Dual Blades Willpower 50
Southern X Defender Radiation Emission Radiation Blast 50
Mysteriis Defender Kinetics Electrical Blast 35
Wildkard Scrapper Fiery Melee Regeneration 30
Cipher Zero Blaster Energy Blast Energy Manipulation 25
Forebear Controller Plant Control Thermal Radiation 25
Antecedent Blaster Archery Mental Manipulation 25
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