Death has come to claim you


ARCHETYPE : Mastermind
ORIGIN : Magic
PRIMARY : Necromancy
SECONDARY : Dark Miasma
POWERS : Raptoria has mastered the art of Necromancy and is able to call the dead up from their graves. They are her unwilling servants however as she is able to reach into the Netherworld itself and torture the dead in their very graves. The dead know this, they feel it and they loathe Raptoria for it. Not a vampire in the true sense, more of a parasite, Raptoria draws her power from the Netherworld and the life force of her victims and as there are a myriad of the dead she has a limitless army at her disposal.

CHARACTER HISTORY : Lycosa Raptoria has a history shrouded in mystery. Rumored to be the illegitimate daugher of Lord Recluse himself, Raptoria draws upon the dark necromantic powers of the Netherworld to command the legions of the dead. Daughter to the Dark Lord of Arachnos she might be, but Raptoria is far from being 'daddy's girl', in fact there is nothing she would like better than to strip Lord Recluse of his throne..and then seize it for herself of course! Perhaps she will even keep 'Daddy Dearest's' powered bones in a bag around her waist so she can summon his undead form from the Netherworld to carry out her bidding every now and then.

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