Ramblings Of A Madman - Lady Grey TF

Doom, Doom. Doom Doom Lady Grey did wail.
Will no one help me, Please come hear my tale!
Vostok Core, Discrurate, do not turn aside,
For without your help, we shall all surely die.

But more you need, for the events are most dire
Mark XIV, Kalon, Mindwipe Please help before these events do transpire!
Five! Only 5! And vile, conniving Villains you be,
Some selfless heroes to join will ensure your victory!

Le Bowman! AQ! Artic Breeze you must listen to me
A plan most terrible is brewing, I need your help urgently!
YES! Together as 8 you will be an unstoppable juggernaut
But should your numbers diminish, the mission may be for Naught

Without further ado to save miss Penelope Yin you must fly
She is being used as power source for new Portals for the Rikti
But a vision I see, a Machination, a lover will also stand in your way
The Clockwork King and minions must be repelled and kept at bay!

Well done my charges! You have performed most admirably,
But it is simply the start, as the Rikti are far to persistent you see
The 4 Riders of destruction make their way across the dimensional Gateway
Death, Famine, Pestilence and War you must stop them without any further delay.

The battle is joined, Once, Twice, Thrice and a Fourth time!!
While your comrades my fall. The final victory is so divine!
Your victory is magnificent, You have given us all a reprieve
Oh Dear Oh My! I see you are now down to three

Mark XIV, Mindwipe, Vostok there is no time to spare
You must hurry to save the rest of the Psychics out there
The Rikti do have them, they are led by Dra’Gon
He is a vile scientist, a warmonger, a Rikti Champion

To even the odds, since your numbers are poor,
I sense Infernia & Glacia will join to even the score
With only 3 in your team, you go on without a clue
Is there no possible way in which I can dissuade you?

A miracle. A miracle. There is no other explanation
That 3 villains can triumph! What such exhilaration!
We draw near to the end, but I see your strength wane.
We will continue tomorrow unless you wish to suffer extreme pain.

I see your numbers are up, a fortunate thing
If you are victorious today, your praises I most heartily will sing
But WAIT! Where oh where is your friend Kalon
Without him I fear for your chances against the gelatinous Hamidon!

Into the breach, once more you must go
and again deal the Rikti plans an almighty blow
Green, blue and yellow! How can we beat such a monstrosity
The Discrurate knows! Follow my plan and we will win with all certainty.

Hurrah! It is done! The Hamidon is no more.
Now it is time to take the battle to one last distant shore.
No further help can I give, Lady Grey did say
But the fate of the world rests on the outcome of this day!

1 million Rikti have been crushed at our feet
But still more rush in to meet with a similar defeat
Is there no end to this onslaught as our time is short
Tick Tock Tick Tock NO we must drive on! We cannot Abort!

The final chamber. The portal is seen!
So is the Leader of the Linage War Machine
The sands of time are fast running out
Hro’Dtohz goes down! The team lets out a shout!

But from out of the portal a being does emerge
There is no time left… TASK FORCE CONVERGE!
The battle is intense, no time for tomfoolery
We fight for our lives against the Rikti’s Honoree

Our tactics are good, our execution exemplary
The spectacle could be called anything but ordinary
The Honoree is defeated, what an outstanding display
Four Pylons remain, but that is simple child's play

The threat is over. The task Force is done
Though the mood is somber as we just killed Hero One!
Even the Villains take a moment to pause
As Hero One made the ultimate sacrifice for all of our cause

Heroes and Villains fighting side by side
The Rikti have forced us to work with those that we most despise
To this end I would thank all who attended,
And I hope the above has captured it in at least some of its splendour

— Mindwipe

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