Omega Engine

"The Engine's gonna run you down!"


SECRET ID : Eddie Hood
ORIGIN : Technology
PRIMARY : Electric Melee
SECONDARY : Stone Armour
GLOBAL ID : @Redoubt
POWERS : Omega Engine has been implanted with tiny electronic organisms named Omega Nodes, which enhance his strength and durability, allow him to spontaneously produce massive electrical impulses, and grant him the ability to instantaneously transport solid matter between a parallel dimension and his own. He uses this last ability to encase himself in unique minerals drawn from the parallel dimension, and also to effectively teleport himself and others through space in his native dimension.


At age 35, if Eddie Hood's resume was a quick read: "Eddie "The Engine" Hood: Jobber to the Stars". Eighteen years of bussing around America, being beaten up and beaten down by every professional wrestler that was better looking, more charismatic, more agile, or all of the above - and there was no shortage of those. Despite the grueling schedule, the injuries, and the terrible pay, he stuck it out in the hope that his hard work would earn him a shot - the big storyline, the gold belt, his name on the marquee. Never was a man more surprised at being proven right.

"Accommodation shortages" (yeah, right) in Paragon City meant that he had a twenty minute walk through a wintry night to get from the arena in Peregrine Island to his cheap motel room. Halfway there he was distracted by a hero soaring overhead (was that Positron?), and when he looked down there was a small, blue-skinned man standing in what he liked to think of as his personal space.

"Hello!" exclaimed the man, apparently oblivious to Eddie's startled reaction. "I am a big fan!"

"Um, yeah, thanks. Want an autograph or something?" managed Eddie, trying to ignore the man's profound halitosis and flying (green?) spittle. Lord knew he had few enough fans, better be nice to this weirdo.

"No! I am a big fan!" The blue man's hand flew forward, and his long index finger jabbed into Eddie's ear canal. An intense pain shot down Eddie's spine and into his limbs - it felt like his muscles were exploding and imploding at the same time, which made it difficult to concentrate on the images that were flashing before his (tightly closed) eyes.

Wait… was that him? Getting his ass kicked?

As suddenly as it had come, the pain subsided, and a pervasive sense of calm rose to replace it. He (knew/had always known) what was happening. The blue man was from another (place/dimension/planet/reality) and had come to Paragon City a (hundred/thousand/million) years ago to research its inhabitants and (reward/enhance/incarnate) those he found worthy. He was impressed with (Eddie's/Engine's) determination in the face of perpetual (defeat/humiliation/dishonour), and had bestowed upon him the greatest gift he had to give: the Omega Nodes. They were making him stronger, fixing his damaged (knees/back/brain), granting him abilities that would allow him to finally triumph over his (opponents/oppressors/demons), to stand up for the downtrodden, to make the world a better place…

The calm gave way to darkness, and Eddie opened his eyes. The blue man was gone. Eddie felt different. As he realised what had just occured, a thought pushed itself to the forefront of his mind:

"What a mark."

Unfortunately for the newly christened Omega Engine, it turned out that the flying hero he'd seen was Positron, and Eddie was halfway to the Zig by the time the police had even started putting up black and yellow tape around the bank he'd been in the process of emptying. Eddie was not the kind of man to let one defeat get him down, though…

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