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SINISTER MONDAY 28th April 2008


SINISTER MONDAY 21st April 2008





Once more we showed our strength against the pathetic Bat'zul, and the Circle of Thorn's precious tree.

SINISTER MONDAY 31st March 2008 - SINISTER enforces

Another successful batch of Strike Forces, with a peak of 17 villains at work, and three strike forces succesfully completed.


SINISTER MONDAY 24th March 2008 - SINISTER Strikes

SINISTER started up three strike forces this Monday, Virgil Tarikoss completed successfully, and Operative Renault and Lady Grey were crushed by our greatest enemy, maintenance. The teams are expected to return tomorrow to finish their work.


SINISTER MONDAY 10th March 2008 - Return of the RIA

Without any pressing concerns, the RIA have not been released recently. However, to retain top form, it's important that they get a regular dose of violence. To that end, they will be released upon the Rogue Isles next Monday.

SINISTER MONDAY 3rd March 2008 - Statesman's fall

With the support of our new coalition with Flames of Entropy, SINISTER tackled the Lord Recluse Strike Force, reaping great plunder (actually we got mostly crap), and shaming Paragon CIty's best. Having achieved our lofty goals, we then returned to something a little more mundane, the feeding of our pet Bunyip.

SINISTER MONDAY 25th February 2008 - More SINISTER than all


Super-villainous gardening in just 40 minutes, courtesy of SINISTER.


Fast Caps = yawn. Cap set for 8 = max fun!

SINISTER MONDAY 18th February 2008 - Min Min's favourite

I have no idea if the respec trial happened, but the Silver Mantis SF was a hit with an estimated total value of earned recipes at approximately 80 million infamy. For reference that was a Luck of the Gambler: +7.5% Global Recharge, a Miracle +Recovery, a Freebird +Stealth and a lollipop.


SINISTER MONDAY 11th February 2008 - Double XP Madness


Starting at 20:00 we'll be doing everything we can to have fun without sacrificing XP. If we can get some SFs or trials in, all the better.

An excellent showing, and much dinging for all with large teams running at level 25 and level 40.

SINISTER MONDAY 4th February 2008 - Respec Trial and Strike Forces


Best laid plans of mice and men … all are bulldozed in the face of an ASSAULT from SINISTER!!!


SINISTER MONDAY 28th January 2008 - Cap Au Diable Strike Force


Unfortunately there was a relatively low turn out this week, but we did end up getting a Cap au Diable SF started. It would have been Silver Mantis but we had at least one member who was too low for it. The Silver Mantis SF has been pushed off until next week. Anyway, fun was had by all and it was a nice quick run as well.


SINISTER MONDAY 21st January 2008 - Strike Forces


Ignoring Silver Mantis last week has had the expected consequences. She has threatened to bring the full weight of Arachnos down upon SINISTER, unless we perform her tasks. While her threats are laughable, she is rather pretty when she's angry, so I've agreed to assign some of our members to do her bidding. Of course, some of our younger members are not sufficiently equipped to cope with a task of this magnitude, so we will also attempt to gain revenge on Virgil Tarikoss for his treachery.

Note the new format of SINISTER Monday. We will start one SF at 20:00, and a second at 22:00.

With 15 people attending, we had two teams racing to humiliate Colonel Duray, and another caught up in Virgil Tarikoss' nefarious schemes.


SINISTER MONDAY 14th January 2008 - Strike Forces


Both Silver Mantis and Virgil Tarikoss have again contacted SINISTER requesting the allocation of strike forces to assist them in important matters. Given our recent track record, we may be able to support them both, otherwise we will choose one, possibly on the night. Please sign up on the forums so we don't start without you.

Start time: Monday 14th January 2008, 21:30 AEDT
Organizer: @Lili
Zone: SINISTER base
Level range: 15+

Virgil Tarikoss Strike Force
Silver Mantis Strike Force

Once again Virgil Tarikoss' tasks have been performed, and his treachery revealed. All enemies fell easily to the might of SINISTER, with only the occasional setback, caused by a premature salad course.


SINISTER MONDAY 7th January 2008 - RIA Critical Assignment


The reputation of the RIA is growing, and there was an unexpected surge of support from both villains and heroes in their assignment against Snaptooth. With two RIA-headed teams Snaptooth and his horde of Red Caps was neutralized no less than 7 times, earning the operatives and attending mercenaries infamy and title. Some members have even been observed wielding stolen Red Cap daggers. Snaptooth has now retreated, and is not expected to return, at least in the near future. Excessive force was exercized.

Assistance in this matter was provided by RIA Total Lockdown, RIA Extreme Force, RIA Final Sanction, Miss G Vess, Rocket Science, Ace 0f Blades, Psionic Frost, Blackaxe, Snow Swan, Snakehead, SUPER IMPOSED.

Addendum: RIA Covert Monitor's unwillingness to participate has been noted, and an evaluation session has been scheduled.


SINISTER MONDAY 17th December 2007 - Low level badge hunting


The Circle of Thorns in Cap au Diable took a serious beating from SINISTER in our efforts against the Hordelings. While we didn't prove ourselves Coldblooded we did hone our skills against the CoT. With promises of Hordelings in the sewers we moved indoors only to be swarmed by Spectrals.

Start time: Monday 12th November 2007, 21:00 AEDT
Organizer: @Lili
Zone: Port Oakes
Level range: Any


SINISTER MONDAY 10th December 2007 - SINISTER invades Paragon City


On Monday the 10th of December SINISTER took to submarines, Arachnos fliers, and sewers in a full frontal assualt on Paragon City. By causing mayhem in 9 major city zones we earned the Invader Accolade for several of our members and cohorts, and learned a valuable lesson, Peregrine Island is not a safe place for green villains.

Participants included, (left to right, front to back), Relentless Revenger, Katya Necros, Balefire Beth, Oedipus Tex, Ghostly Demon, Miss G Vess, Roberta Toraboka, Kal Jericho, Eternal Disadvantage, Elegantly Wasted, Wanabe Ninja, Llilianna:


SINISTER MONDAY 3rd December 2007 - Ouroboros Strike Forces

SINISTER took to the time stream, and solved some nasty problems for Ouroboros, ensuring the overthrow of the Fifth Column by the Council, and the ascendancy of Lord Recluse.

Start time: Monday 12th November 2007, 21:30 AEDT
Organizer: @Lili
Zone: Ouroboros
Level range: Various

SINISTER MONDAY 19th November 2007 - Ice Mistral Strike Force

SINISTER's Strike Force Tempest cruised through a successful confrontation with Archmage Archus, and can be seen below standing victorious in his realm. Ice Mistral was particularly impressed and her normal icy demeanour thawed a little at the end.

Start time: Monday 12th November 2007, 21:30 AEDT
Organizer: @Lili
Zone: St Martial
Level range: 35+

Code 89 (38 Dominator) @Lili
Cursed Amber (45 Dominator) @Min Min
Wanabe Ninja (41 Stalker) @Screwloose
State of Decay (40 Corrupter) @Hamern
Viktoriya (43 Mastermind) @Final Midnight


SINISTER MONDAY 12th November 2007 - Silver Mantis Strike Force

Answering the urgent message from Silver Mantis, SINISTER exercised its might against the forces of the Sky Raiders. We countered their every move, crushing the Sky Raiders mercilessly, until we finally arrived at their sea-base to confront their leader, Colonel Duray himself. It's not often you have the opportunity to destroy a Sky Raider sea-base, so we savoured the opportunity, tearing the place apart from the ground up. With the base only moments away from smoking ruins, Colonel Duray himself showed up, and got his own personal taste of SINISTER.

Start time: Monday 12th November 2007, 21:30 AEDT
Organizer: @Lili
Zone: SINISTER base
Level range: 20+

Economic Rationalism (48 Dominator)
Hamern (50 Brute)
Entrope (40 Corruptor)
Bean Salad (20 Dominator)
Rocket Science (23 Mastermind)
Siona Weedstrangler (23 Dominator)


SINISTER MONDAY 5th November 2007 - Operative Renault Strike Force

Thanks to the ruthlessness of SINISTER's finest, and some mercenary assitance, The Eye of Leviathan has been recovered, and once again sits in its rightful place in the SINISTER headquarters.

What was that? It's not there any more? Curses! That thing's harder to keep a hold of than a Kiwi horse at the Melbourne Cup.

Start time: Monday 5th November 2007, 21:30 AEDT
Organizer: @Lili
Zone: Sharkhead Isle
Level range: 25+


SINISTER MONDAY 29th October 2007 - Trick or Treating

With Halloween finally here, we can return to the old-favourite of trick or treating. This year there's a new twist with special costume powers being granted. So, this Monday we'll be kicking down some doors for SINISTER style trick or treating. (Take note of the switch to daylight savings time.)

Start time: Monday 29th October 2007, 21:00 AEDT
Organizer: @Lili
Zone: Cap Au Diable
Level range: any

SINISTER MONDAY 22nd October 2007 - Archvillain and Hero hunt

Everyone who has a high level character knows that Grandville is just teeming with Archvillains and Heroes, and knows the frustration of ending up with three such missions. Our own Economic Rationalism is in such a position, and wants us to all join in the fun. While we're assembled, we can knock out anyone else's Archvillain and Hero missions.

Start time: Monday 22nd October 2007, 21:00 AEST
Organizer: @Lili
Zone: Grandville
Level range: 45+ and lackeys

Economic Rationalism (47 Dominator) @Screwloose
Code 89 (38 Dominator), The Discurate (50 Dominator), Oedipus Tex (50 Dominator) @Lili
Hard Tack (45 Mastermind), @Hamern
Stygian Darkness (47 Corruptor), @Stygian
Vostok Core (50 Dominator), Cursed Amber (42 Dominator), @Min Min
Mindwipe (45 Dominator), @The Bandit
Kangaroo Jack (21 Mastermind), @Kangaroo Jack
Aleister Faust (11 Brute),


The Woodsman
Lord Recluse
Ms. Liberty


SINISTER MONDAY 15th October 2007 - Demonic

As Halloween approaches, it is time to release our inner demons, and prove to the world that we of SINISTER are Demonic! This is no light task, we'll start in Sharkhead Isle by offering the soul of a prominent mystic in sacrifice. After that history and geography study is required, we will visit Port Oakes, Mercy Island, and Cap Au Diable in turn, discovering much that is hidden. Finally we will wreak havoc on the cold demons in northern Cap Au Diable, not resting until our demons have been released.

Or, in another way, we'll be earning the Demonic Accolade, a badge which comes with an accolade power granting very high defense and resistance for a short period of time. Like all accolades it has a recharge time of one hour. Particularly handy for pulling Bat'zul in the Virgil Tarikoss Strike Force.

Start time: Monday October 15th 2007, 21:00 AEST
Organizer: @Lili
Zone: Sharkhead Isle
Level range: any. Will require one high level (30+)

Thorn Moon, 41 Dominator, @Lili
Konflikt, 18 Brute, @Hamern
RIA Terminal Charge, 11 Brute, @Stygian
Cursed Amber, 41 Dominator, @Min Min
Sandwich Monkey, 21 Brute

Gloating over our new found power with the patron of Demonic Archmage Tarixus. Left to Right: Konflikt, Thorn Moon, Tarixus, Sandwich Monkey, RIA Terminal Charge, Cursed Amber.


SINISTER MONDAY 8th October 2007 - Veluta Lunata

Continuing the celebration of Halloween, we did Veluta Lunata's missions venturing deep into the Spirit World, and facing off against Arachnos' ghosts.
We had a remarkable turn out with no less than 12 people interested in joining in. We sent many a ghost packing.

Start time: Monday October 8th 2007, 21:00 AEST
Organizer: @Lili
Zone: Port Oakes
Level range: 8-12 preferred, can be lackeyed.

RIA Total Lockdown, 10 Dominator, @Lili
RIA Extreme Force, 10 Brute, @Min Min
RIA Final Sanction
RIA Maximum Pain
RIA Quarantine
RIA Covert Monitor
Soulless Wanderer
and more …

SINISTER MONDAY 1 October 2007 - Port Oakes Ghost Hunting

The Rogue Isles Aggressors turned out in force and celebrated Hallowe'en, while earning favour with Arachnos, by trapping ghosts. However, maintenance cut short further forays into the spirit world. Next week we'll follow on with more of Veluta Lunata's missions.

Start time: Monday October 1st 2007, 21:00 AEST
Organizer: @Lili
Zone: Port Oakes

Bean Salad, Dominator, @Lili
RIA Extreme Force, Brute, @Min Min
State of Decay, Corruptor, @Hamern
RIA Maximum Pain
RIA Quarantine

TUESDAY 11th September 2007

The Virgil Double Header.

Given some late rumours that there was going to be maintenance there was some doubt that this would happen. However, as the rumour could not be verified we set up two teams with Mindwipe & Entrope (Who battled with low damage output from the Dominator and an out of shape Corruptor who needed to rest all the time) up against Bushfire Bob & State of Decay (Who both seemed primed and ready for the challenge). In the end the Brute / Corruptor combo were victorious, but the Dominator / Corruptor combo managed the 5 lead up missions in about 55 minutes which wasn't too shabby all in all. We then switched over to Team A and proceded to give Infernal a good hiding, then moved on the remainder of the final mission which didn't quite go as smoothly. After a few hickups we finally brought forth Bat'Zul from his volcanic lava pool, and lets just say that he is not threatening for the high jump squad for next years olympics. Given his lack of jumping prowess the 2 Brutes took to him on his turf and while we lost State of Decay during the initial pull, the only other casualty was Curse Amber right near the end. The big beasty went down with about 10 minutes before Maintanence (yes the rumour proved to be true - we will not doubt you again MinMin). Team B will run the same mission later this week, which may prove a little more difficult without a Brute in the group.

Team A - BushFire Bob (Leader), Mt Fuji, Cursed Amber, State of Decay (Victorious)
Team B - Mindwipe, Entrope, Elektra Magnetik, WannaB Ninja will take on Bat'Zul later this week.

Well after battling with rumours of early maintenance, Team B finally got going around 10pm. While I thought it appeared the weaker of the two teams, it proved much differently in play, with Infernal and Bat'Zul going down with little problem and the 4 villains walking away with some fat loot!

SINISTER Monday 10th September 2007

Ascendancy to the throne.

Flame Thug and Hammer, the current leaders of SINISTER will be facing the challengers to the throne of SINISTER: Vostok Core, Hamern, and Oedipus Tex. Battles will be taking place in the Port Oakes Arena starting at 21:00. Observers and speculators are welcome.

SINISTER Monday 3rd September 2007

Giant Monster Hunt organized by @Lili.

Deathsurge and Caleb were easily summoned, and quickly fell to our onslaught, although Caleb did taste some of our blood before it was banished. Ghost of Scrapyard required a bit of patience, but appeared soon enough to appease our appetites. Unfortunately Arachnos must have been observing our actions, because there was no sign of the Flier. Instead we took out our frustration on Rularuu, and achieved the coveted Visionary badge for Vostok Core and Hamern.

SINISTER Monday 27th August 2007

Continuation of last week's Lady Grey Task Force organized by @Min Min.


SINISTER successfully repels the Rikti invaders, with only 3 minutes before the firing of the Rikti's truly most powerful weapon: scheduled maintenance! The entire final mission took us only about 20 minutes. Truly the most challenging enemy was not the Rikti at all, but our very own home-grown Hamidon. Without Kalon we had no melee characters and no buffs, which meant a completely different strategy was required for the Hamidon. The Mending MItochondria proved to be difficult to assault, being so deep in the goo, so we focus on the Mitochondria Electrolytes instead, since we had significant ranged damage. We quickly learned that the best strategy was to defeat one Mitochondria, and then flee the goo to regroup. Mending Mitochondria were the next to go down, allowing us to turn on the Mitochondria Antibodies, which fell with minor difficulty, and primarily thanks to Sands of Mu I believe. As usual, the Hamidon is not so tough when stripped of its defenses.

For a somewhat different review of the Lady Grey TF please see **Ramblings of a Madman**

SINISTER Monday 20th August 2007

Lady Grey Task Force organized by @Min Min.

  • Vostok Core L50 Dominator (@Min Min)
  • Mindwipe L41 Dominator (@theBandit)
  • The Discurate L50 Dominator (@Lili)
  • Mark XIV L50 Mastermind (@Screwloose)
  • Kalon L42 Brute (@Nola K)
  • Breton Bowman L50 Defender (@Yellow.Streak)
  • Arctic-breeze L50 Controller (@Shady Shady)
  • Archvillain Q L50 Blaster (@aq)

To be continued following Monday.

Many victorious Mondays of the past have been lost to history.

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