Old Man Emu

<I'll run the pants off that kangaroo>


SECRET ID : Daniel Burke
ORIGIN : Mutation
PRIMARY : Super Strength
SECONDARY : Invulnerable
GLOBAL ID : @Malice

Daniel Burke sat down on the old chair that graced his verandah. A vile grin played across his face, the faded newspaper article clutched and crumpled in his hand.
“They think I’m gone, do they? Dead? No matter… no matter…”
Like the thunder clouds that would sometimes steal across the vast, flat horizon, Burke’s face darkened.
“I’ll show ‘em… let ‘em see that there’s still life in the ol’ emu yet.”
The wire-screen door on the front of the house opened, and Burke’s daughter Sarah came out, she saw what her father held in his hands.
“No dad, not again… please no. You think mum’d want that?”
Burke stood, turned his back on the only family he had left.
“I’ll be back, when I’m back.”
He stepped off the verandah, and walked down the dusty drive… the only sound the sobs his daughter cried.

In the late 70s, Dan Burke was more commonly known as 'Emu' - an Australian hero who teamed with another hero named Kangaroo - who was in truth Burke's younger brother Timothy. During the initial stages of the Rikti invasion, both Emu & 'Roo came to Paragon City to aid in the repulsion of the attack… but inadvertently 'Roo was killed by Paragon City forces.
Daniel Burke suffered a breakdown at that point, and his already famous vitriolic rage boiled over - only Tim had ever been able to help Burke control his violent nature. After several hours of rampage, in which several blocks of Paragon City were demolished, Emu was subdued.

Furious over the death of his brother, Burke headed home to Australia and planned his revenge… but fate had a different plan in store for Emu - Deborah Sanmeyer. Deborah was the daughter of a wealthy landowner, and quickly, they fell in love. 2 years later Debs gave birth to a daughter - Sarah.

Living in the West Australian outback, for 7 long years Dan Burke experienced something akin to peace. Until a violent cancer left his wife ravaged and dying… at her death, Burke nearly fell into a rage again, only the presence of his young daughter prevented him from spiraling out of control.

The years went by, and Burke sunk deeper and deeper into a foul brooding. Even the presence of his daughter could not lift him. Verily, every time he looked at her she reminded him of his beloved Debs. Tho' he loved his daughter, the resemblance she bore to her mother cut him to the quick.

Only a month ago, an anonymous letter arrived - a newspaper article - that named Daniel Burke as not only killed in the initial stages of the Rikti invasion, but incorrectly named him as villain working with the aliens.

He set off for Paragon City and the Rogue Isles to let them know that Emu - now Old Man Emu - was still very much alive.

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