Oedipus Tex

Let's do business


ARCHETYPE : Dominator
ORIGIN : Natural
PRIMARY : Mind Control
SECONDARY : Fiery Assault
POWERS : His particularly powerful mind was further enhanced with the aid of European psychiatry, and when you're born into Texas oil, you learn a thing or two about burning.


Arch Stanton was born in Texas, the eldest son of a wealthy oil family, and was the sole heir of the family fortune. He was raised in a strict and traditional way, with high expectations from his father, and admission to a good college already arranged. When he started a typical teenage rebellion his father was at first concerned, and then angry. He watched his son descend into a pit of drugs and corrupt morality until he could stand it no more, and decided to seek professional help. Against the will of his mother, Arch Stanton was sent to Vienna under the care of an expensive psychiatrist of upstanding morals. Throughout all of this Arch's mother staunchly supported him, insisting that his father was overreacting and that things would sort themselves out, if only he'd listen for once.

However, psychiatric care did not have the desired effect. Predictably, it identified the root of all his problems as a hatred of his father, and love of his mother. More surprisingly, it revealed that much of the conflict was Arch's own doing through a previously unrecognized skill of manipulation and suggestion. Together they explored this power of suggestion, and discovered how to strengthen it. They spent many years strengthening his powers, during which time the psychiatrist slowly changed from willing mentor to unwitting puppet.

Finally, when Arch decided that he had learned all he could from the psychiatrist he was declared cured, and only days later the office burned to the ground with the psychiatrist inside. Arch then returned to his family home in secret, bent upon revenge against his father who he now firmly believed to be the cause of all his problems. He arrived late in the evening, and it was a trivial matter to gain access to the house with the use of a few subtle psychic suggestions to the servants. Entering his father's study unannounced he found him hard at work. The discussion quickly escalated to shouting, each blaming the other, and finally to violence, and only ended when the father was laying lifeless in a pool of blood, a handy battle-axe buried in his chest.

Arch then went to the master bedroom to console his mother for her loss, but not knowing her son had returned, she mistook him for his father and invited him into bed. They made love silently for many hours, and finally fell asleep in each others arms, enjoying the fitful rest of satisfied lovers, and for the last time in their lives.

The light of dawn brought the first revelation to Arch's mother, that the sleeping form beside her was not her husband. She flew to his study, expecting to find him still hard on work, but instead discovered the crimes of the man in her bed. She delayed a moment to retrieve the pistol from the desk drawer before returning to the bedroom intent upon revenge. However, she was greeted by the final horror when she discovered that the perpetrator of the crime was her own son, Arch. She faltered, dropping the gun, then revived and with a steely resolve, spat the single word "Monster!". It was the work of a moment for her to tie a lasso in bell-rope and hang herself from the four-poster bed. Arch looked on, confused and paralyzed, wondering how his recently recovered love could be lost so quickly. Heartbroken and terrified, he gouged out his own eyes so as to avoid the horror before him. The servants entered to find him cursing his own eyes for the sight they had showed him.

The predictable media frenzy followed the gruesome acts of the wealthy and well known family, during which he became known as Oedipus Tex. The trial did not last long in the courts, the only complication being the uncovering of his super powers, requiring extra surveillance, and resulting in a life sentence to the Zig.

His time in the Zig was not pleasant, incest was not well looked upon by the inmates and he had to deal with his blindness. But it gave him a lot of time to mature and come to terms with the formative events of his life. He resolved to preserve his mothers memory, and decided that the best way of doing this was to continue the family line, and foster its fortune. He intended to retake control of the family corporation as soon as possible, and guide it to a prosperous future.

When Arachnos came to release him, Oedipus Tex jumped at the opportunity, and immediately began putting his plans into action. He travelled to Texas in secret, using his mind control powers to take control of the family corporation. However, it wasn't safe for him to remain in Texas, and he had seen significant business opportunity in the Rogue Isles, so he returned there to negotiate energy deals with Arachnos and the Cage Consortium.

Oedipus Tex takes a hands-on approach to management, and likes to set an example for his staff. He can often be found dealing with some of the more problematic facets of business in the Rogue Isles, such as striking workers and destructive, homicidal plant life. Growing up around oil he also learned a few things about combustion, which serve him admirably in combat.

Of course the Rogue Isles offer many pleasure opportunites as well, and Oedipus Tex can often be found in any of the casinos or clubs, partying it up in his inimitable fashion.

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