Mister Electrico



SECRET ID : Mister Electrico
ORIGIN : Magic
PRIMARY : Electrical Melee
SECONDARY : Electrical Armour
GLOBAL ID : @KnockaroundGuy

“I didn’t do it! I didn’t kill them kids!” Tim screamed as he struggled against the guards securing the chair restraints. Once they had fully restrained him, Warden Franks leaned in real close, an evil smile on his face, “Public wants a killer Stiles. They don’t care who, as long as somebody dies.” Just as the switch was thrown, witnesses heard Stiles scream his dying words: “I’LL KILL YOU FIRST, FRANKSY!!!”

“In a bizarre scene at the county prison, convicted killer Timothy Paul Stiles was electrocuted at midnight. But shortly after being declared dead, the body – and I’m reading this verbatim from the police report – well, ‘he tore his way out of the restraining chair and ripped out Warden Frank’s throat with his bare hands.”
— 96.9 QBN-FM

When the lights flicker in the hallway at midnight, it means somebody out there is riding the lightning. If you see the lights flicker at any other time, it means the lightning is coming for YOU!!!

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