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10th February 2008

I have spent the better part of the last week going through the last 2.5 years of mail. Apparently in my previous state I did not think that checking my mail was that important, but in doing so now, it is extremely apparent that the Rogue Isles has a shining light of generousity, at least from the outward appearances. An organisation so benevolent that I cannot fathom how they could possibly be making any money. A point I will come back to later. I speak of course of the Facemakers. Over the past two and half years they have sent me 29 promotional free make overs. On top of this they have provided me with 9 coupons that can be redeemed at any time for future make-overs. This equates to a free make over every 3 1/2 weeks.

Now this begs the question; how can any organisation survive operating like this? In my opinion it can't…. unless it has some other source of income. Which begs the next question, who would be backing the Facemakers? Who has something to gain from it?

Let me throw out a name; Lord Recluse. Now some may call this a conspiracy theory, but he has everthing to gain from this. For how better for him to keep track of us all then to provide a facility where they need to take all of your details and measurements. And it would not be too difficult to obtain body samples like hair, skin and blood at the same time. Lord Recluse is likely sitting on the largest data bank of information on superpowered individuals in the Rogue Isles and Paragon City, if not the world. The question is what is he intending to do with it?

Most of us would have heard of Crey's attempt to clone the Extraordinary 8, which by all accounts would have succeeded if it wasn't foiled at the eleventh hour by the same Heroes they were trying to clone. If Recluse has somehow got his hands on Creys technology coupled with the information obtained from the Facemakers could spell the end for villains and mercenaries like us. With an army of loyal Supers there wont be room for the more 'unsavoury' types like you and I.

Or am I just reading too much into this?


1st February 2008

Today I am REMADE! The fog that had been stifling my mind and clouding my judgment has been lifted. And to this end I owe a small measure of thanks to Sparcetriel whose thirst for vengeance against the circle of Thorns set in motion the events that would transform me and eventually, should my plan come to fruition, the Rogue Islands! But I am getting ahead of myself…. Such clarity of thought I have not felt for an eternity.

It started with a dream. Although I have never had a problem dreaming, they were the dreams of a madman; dreams of a man that had been taken beyond the edge of sanity; who had seen and absorbed the infinity of the universe. They were dreams of a broken mind.

But through the chaos and maelstrom that had become my world a demonic figure had come to plague me. A figure of fire and shadows. It spoke, though the words were lost in the Maelstrom of my mind. But each night it would return. Hovering at the edge of my consciousness fighting against the tide of chaos. Fighting to be heard. Eventually he found a way in and filled my nights with foul demonic voices that I could not decipher. If I wasn’t already crazy, the voices surely would have driven me there.

I avoided sleeping whenever possible, though this only fueled the intensity of the encounters when I finally did circum to sleep. I began seeing this demon everywhere. It had invaded my waking hours. It was always just on the edge of my vision, but whenever I tried to focus on it, it would disappear.

Then one night, as sleep dragged me into the pandemonic hell I had come to know, the demonic figure appeared again. As it manifested the Maelstrom of my mind subsided. I felt at that point like I feel now. Operating with a clarity of thought long forgotten. It spoke to me. It said its name was Sparcetriel. It spoke of the Circle of Thorns. It spoke of the Thorn Tree. It spoke of Revenge! But what did I care for a Demons vengeance. What was in it for me? It again spoke of the Thorn Tree, a place of great power. A place where the impossible became possible. A place where my deepest desire could be made true… A place where I could be reborn as the soul I was before the madness came…

Is this possible? Could I be remade? Could this curse of madness be lifted from my mind? Or was this some foul trick of a vengeful Demon? The chance was worth the risk, and if it turned out to be false, I would make the humiliation this Sparcetriel had suffered at the hands of the Thorns a fairytale compared to the vengeance I would reap upon him. I agreed to his deal.

On acceptance of the deal the Demon burst into flames with such intensity that I was jolted awake. As the fog slowly returned to my mind I knew what must be done and the likely fodder to help me do it!

I called upon some second rate villains and thugs I had worked with previously. Looking at the assembled team, there was Blackbox – a walking tank; Sunspot – who could harness the power of the sun; Iron Panther – a thief and scoundrel; and Frightnight – someone who could reanimate the dead.

Together we made short work of the Circle of Thorns. I personally have always found them a little overrated. This left only the Thorn Tree. However as we approached living vines sprang from the Earth whipping and entangling us. The battle was fierce, but we made our way to the Thorn Tree. The others were beginning to look ragged and worn out. Fools!

The Thorn Tree was whittled away bit by bit from our attacks and I guess I should be thankful to Iron Panther for alerting us of the ambush with his death screams as a Behemoth tore him limb from limb. After dispatching the annoying Circle of Thorns we reconcentrated our attacks on the Thorn Tree, which finally split asunder revealing a mystical energy source. My three remaining comrades rejoiced at the victory and were caught completely off guard when I turned on them. Frightnight and Sunspot fell even before they knew that I had double crossed them. Blackbox saw what was going on, but his nigh-invulnerable skin gave him little protection against my psychic powers. It was over quickly.

This was my moment. My time. I was not intending to share it with anyone. It was time to find out if the Demon Sparcetriel was telling the truth. Reaching out a hand I could feel the energy being drawn to me. It permeated my body. I could feel it coursing through me. It was sentient. That much I know now. It knew what I had come for. There was a blinding flash, and then darkness for the longest time. Then a pinpoint of light appeared on what I guessed to be the horizon. What happened next, I cannot put into words. But it was the most wonderous thing I have ever experienced.

When it was done I found myself back in the cave. The Thorn Tree fully recovered and enclosing the mystical energies once again. But most notable of all was the lucidity of my thoughts. They were no longer a jumbled mess. It had worked. I had been reborn!

Now it was time to re-evaluate my position and objectives. Return to my comrades at SINISTER. But a new life deserves a new costume…

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