Your Mind is Mine


SECRET ID : Undisclosed
ARCHETYPE : Dominator
ORIGIN : Mutant
PRIMARY : Mind Control
SECONDARY : Psionic Assault
PATRON : Mu Mastery
POWER POOLS : Flight, Fitness, Speed, Teleportation
GLOBAL ID : @TheBandit

Mesmerize, Dominate, Confuse, Mass Hypnosis, Total Domination, Telekinesis, Terrify, Mass Confusion, Psionic dart, Mind Probe, Pyschic Scream, Drain Psyche, Subdue, Shockwave, Hover, Fly, Swift, Health, Stamina, Hasten, Recall Friend, Charged Armour, Ball Lightning, Summon Mu

Mindwipe was driven to the other side of sanity after he was unable to control his powers that mnanifested at childhood. Living on the edge of sanity, he found a place where he could tap into his potential. Not only reading minds, but controlling them. His warped mind lost all concept of right and wrong. Working instead on wants and want nots. At one stage he took an apprentice, a girl by the name of Anna Kingsly. However, she was weak and could not see that the world could be theirs. She spoke of what is Right and the good of the people, and tried to convince Mindwipe to use his powers for the worlds betterment. But what was in it for him. Nothing. Give a man a dollar and he asks for another. No point in wasting effort on those unable to help themselves.

Unable to convince Mindwipe of her views, she betrayed him to the authorites. Adopting the name Mindwerks, she lead the attack on his lair. With the aid of the Extraordinary-8 and members of the PCA and Defenders of the Southern Cross they were able to capture him and a number of his associates.

However, being behind bars was not where Lord Recluse wanted this character, and a daring jail break was launched. During the commotion, Archnos forces were able to spirit Mindwipe away to the Rogue Islands… for what purpose only time will tell. For now he is content to be a member of S.I.N.I.S.T.E.R.

The Thoughts, Adventures, Heists of Mindwipe

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