You are, like, so dead!


ORIGIN : Mutation
PRIMARY : Energy Melee
SECONDARY : Enargy Armour
GLOBAL ID : @Hamern


Well my Mom is like this Succubus, which is totaly cool cause she's this total babe. But Dad, he's one of those Thorn magi dudes, which is, like, eewwww! Gross! But it's ok cause he's always away trying to release demons from the elemental plane of dorks or something.
So anyway, the other night I'm out with my friends and we're at this club dancing, and there's like this totally hot guy checking me out. And he starts chatting to me, and I'm being all cool like. And then he says, Can I get you a drink? So I'm like, ok. Cause see the Red Bulls and Vodka are real expensive, so I just get guys to buy them for me! But I think he slipped something in my drink, cause suddenly I'm all wobbly and he's "helping" me outside. So things are going well and then, aarrgh, pain. And I can't see and I'm, like, totally burning up. And when I can see again, the cute guy is lying on the floor and everyone is staring at me. Which is normal, but they are freaking out so I'm like, Hello!! Victim here!!
So the cops show up, and one of them handcuffs me.

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