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Excellent site which aims to be the one-stop resource for all information on the "City of" games.

Another excellent site for all things CoX. Not quite the same level of detail as paragonwiki, but in general it's better organised. What really makes City of Data stand out though is it's hard numbers behind the game. All the details of what each power does is here, including damage figures. A resource that you will use weekly, if not daily.

The maps site. In recent times the in-game maps have improved greatly, but that doesn't keep this site from being a must-read.

The other side of Vidiotmaps is an excellent resource for the badge hunter in this game.

These two feature a similar purpose and are closely allied. Cityinfoterminal allows for online tracking of your characters and their badges and is closely integrated with Citygametracker, which provides software which snoops the game chat log for things like badge names. Useful for the badge-hunter amongst other purposes.

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