Hi, I'm Liliaceae (Lili to my friends), and I love Doms! (I'm also not actually an Aussie, but don't tell anyone that.) Here are my characters from SINISTER.

There are a few more characters missing from this list, including: Bean Salad, Crepitus, Fortunata Lili, Wannabe Bike Courier, Myeros the Exiled, Gro-Ray-Girl, Queen Blastula, RIA Total Lockdown, Morrisson Dupree, Nether Lesion, Gravellini, Bobo on Ice, Lili in Shock and Laflamme de La Tuque.

Oedipus Tex @Lili
Dominator - Mind Control / Fiery Assault

"It's a win-win proposition! I profit, you live!"
discuratebannerdi6.png Discurate @Lili
Dominator - Fire Control / Icy Assualt

"Weak mortals, you shall appease the hunger of the artifacts!" Here Be Dragons! Remove this span at your peril, it is all that is protecting you from a violent fiery immolation of reptilian breath!
code89bannerep7.png Code 89 @Lili
Dominator - Ice Control / Energy Assault

Breaking all the rules!
lotusprojectbannerol8.png The Lotus Project @Lili
Dominator - Mind Control/Icy Assault

Your heart's desire or your worst nightmare..
thornmoonbanner1zm6.png Thorn Moon @Lili
Dominator - Gravity Control / Thorny Assault

The Tsoo return to former glory!
beansaladbanner1.jpg Bean Salad @Lili
Dominator - Plant Control/Thorny Assault

"Who ordered the salad?"
fulminarebannerut3.jpg Fulminare @Lili
Dominator - Fire/Electricity

"Here's a small taste of Hell!"
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