Lady Onslaught

Embrace the darkness within!


ORIGIN : Mutant
PRIMARY : Dark Melee
SECONDARY : Energy Aura
GLOBAL ID : @Redoubt
POWERS : Lady Onslaught posseses exceptional durability and combat prowess, combined with Nictus-derived control over dark energies.

CHARACTER HISTORY : Lady Redoubt's decade-long crusade aginst the Council came to an end after the fifth Rikti War, in which the villainous organisation's headquarters was annihilated, along with most of Paragon City, by a fleet of Rikti motherships. With Statesman and the Freedom Phalanx gone, she was left as one of the most powerful beings on the planet, and nobody was able to stop her when the Council conditioning of her childhood began to take hold. After slaying Nemesis' final form, she cast her father's sword aside and embraced her mother's Nictus heritage, declaring herself Lady Onslaught, Empress of Earth.

Her rule was short-lived, as the thought-dead Rikti returned for one final assault, razing the planet to its bare earth. Weakened to the point of near-death and haunted by the ghosts of those she once ruled, her salvation appeared in the form of a Portal Corp expeditionary team, through whose dimensional rift she crawled, vowing to conquer anew…

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