Jay-Jay Noir

"Welcome to the Black Parade."


SECRET ID : Jay-Jay Noir
ARCHETYPE : Mastermind
ORIGIN : Magic
PRIMARY : Necromancy
SECONDARY : Dark Miasma
GLOBAL ID : @KnockaroundGuy

“I suppose some people just SNAP, you know? I had no idea, but I guess the signs were there. He started insisting we call him Jay-Jay, and he never took off that makeup. Then we walk in one day, and he’s got this big axe, and he’s talking about how he’s going to REALLY start making people laugh. The first one to go was Michelle, the production assistant. I’ve never SEEN so much blood in one place.”
— Witness Testimony, “Clown Slayings,” August 31st, 1976

“We has him cornered, and you could see in his eyes that he knew the jig was up. He dropped the axe, but then he started… excuse me, this is difficult… he started throwing the decapitated heads. The first one hit Officer Perlman in the chest, and it broke open like a piece of ripe fruit. We opened fire, but he hit Officer del Toro and bit Mignola before we could put him down.”
— Case notes of Officer Jones, “Clown Slayings,” August 31st, 1976

“You got it all rong. You call me a copykat but I’m the real deal – the original Jay-Jay. I’m back from the dead and theirs a skore to settle. none of you are safe. You’re children are mine because who doesn’t like a clown? I’ll mail you some pieces if youd like. little keep-sakes, say a finger or toe. I keep they’re heads so its only fair you get a peace to rite about.”
— Letter to the editor, The Queanbeyan Age, August 31st, 2007

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