"The Soviet Statesman"


SECRET ID : Victor Mikhailovich Komarov
ORIGIN : Science
PRIMARY : Super Strength
SECONDARY : Invulnerability
GLOBAL ID : @Yellow.Streak
Punch, Haymaker, Knockout Blow, Rage, Foot Stomp, Hurl, Jab, Hand Clap, Resist Physical Damage, Temp Invulnerability, Dull Pain, Unyeilding, Resist Elements, Resist Energies, Invincibility, Unstoppable, Air Superiority, Fly, Swift, Health, Stamina, Provoke, Intimidate, Invoke Panic

When the Great Patriotic War (Великая Отечественная война) against the fascists ended in 1945 the race for the scientists and technology developed by the Nazis began, with the Soviet Union and United States competing to be the first to capture vital knowledge about advanced German rockets such as the V2, jet engines such as used on the Messerschmitt 262 and the lesser well-known studies of German geneticist/eugenicist Dr. Helmut March, who had worked alongside Ernst Rüdin and Alfred Ploetz in developing the Nazi policies of Rassenhygiene, including developing the "Law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring".

A secret part of Dr. Helmut March's work was studying the superhuman American known as the Guardian (commonly known today as the "Golden Age Guardian") who had developed bullt-proof skin, the ability to fly and superhuman strength after coming into contact with the remnants of a meteor that fell to Earth in 1938.
Nazi spies were able to steal a small amount of the extra-terrestrial substance extracted from the meteorites and deliver them to Nazi Germany. By late 1940, after much experimentation (and the death of many unwilling test subjects), Dr. March was able to produce "Das Kreigsfurher" who became Nazi Germany's ultimate Ubermensch and battled the Amercian Guardian many times during the war.
In the meantime, the Soviet Union looked on in envy. Their own attempts at creating a super-human 'supersoldier' had ended in dismal failure and the death of many test subjects. With the fall of the Nazi reigeme, Soviet soldiers swooped into Germany and were able to capture Dr. March and his research materials before the arrival of the Americans.
Developing a Russian Supersoldier was not an easy task however, and it was not until 1949 when a viable candidate was discovered and injected with the experimental serum.

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