Damn you man, not the suit!


SECRET ID : Johannus Hamern
ORIGIN : Magic
PRIMARY : Fiery Melee
SECONDARY : Dark Armour
GLOBAL ID : @Hamern
POWERS : Hamern's demonic benefactors have taught him to channel the fires of his anger through his fists, and to cloak himself in the protective embrace of the Netherworld.


Born into the remnants of a noble family, Johannus Hamern spent his life at the best of schools and colleges, waiting for the day he would inherit the family fortune left by his deceased parents. Sick of having handouts from the law firm who administered his trust, Hamern distracted himself wiht the fastest cars and most beautiful women that his money and charm could secure. Finally, on his 21st birthday he was taken to the firm's offices and shown th details of his fortune. Rage filled him as he realised that the fortunes had been squandered, not just by himself but also bu those charged to protect it. The only thing left to him was an old stonewith ancient carvings. Anger drove Hamern to wander the streets, the only refuge to be found in a bottle of scotch and an expensive woman. Next morning he contemplated the only thing left, the stone. Slowly, in his mind Hamern began to hear voices, whispers, whispers of secrets. Secrets that told of power. Hamern smiled, they would all pay….

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