Your gods are dead!


ORIGIN : Natural
PRIMARY : Super Strength
SECONDARY : Electric Armour
GLOBAL ID : @Redoubt
POWERS : Gigabeast's alien physiology grants him exceptional strength (by human standards) along with mastery of the naturally amplified electric fields which surround him.

CHARACTER HISTORY : I am of another place, perhaps of another time - I do not know for certain. I sought to usurp the gods there, in that place, but I was betrayed. My punishment was exile to this barren rock, on this desolate world, amongst this imbecilic populace. A more cruel retribution I could not conceive.

It seems, however, that even this backwater has gods. This Lord Recluse is a pathetic shadow of a leader, but he commands power and respect. Such power and respect should be mine alone. The more simple-minded among the denizens of Cap au Diable have mistaken me for a creature born of their Power Transit System. They worship me as their saviour and ask me to protect them against the Luddites. I will indulge their foolish beliefs, and exploit them for my own ends.

I will marshal an army and take Recluse's throne. And I will not repeat my past mistakes.

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