Fright Night



SECRET ID : Kharebutu (the fourfold fiend)
ARCHETYPE : Mastermind
ORIGIN : Magic
PRIMARY : Necromancy
SECONDARY : Force Fields
GLOBAL ID : @theBandit
Through his corruptive magics, Fright-Night can summon and control vast undead hordes using his protective magics to keep them and his allies safe from harm.

Zombie Horde, Enchant Undead, Grave Knight, Force Bolt, Deflection Shield, Insulation Shield, Assault, Tactics, Combat Jumping, Jumping, Blackwand, Sands of Mu

A ruthless self proclaimed God King of an age lost to the annuals of time.

Tens of centuries pasted and the people and the world suffered at the hands of his tyrannical rein. He waged war upon war against his neighbours until he, the King that would be a God, stood atop a mount of bones high enough that he could touch the Heavens. His army, swelled by the ranks of the dead, were poised to lay assault to Heavens themselves, when a Champion of good, armed with a sword forged of Angel tears held back his undead hordes. Overconfident in his immortality and power, he called out and confronted the champion. The God King and the Champion stuck mighty blows to each other, and although he was immortal, the Magic imbuned in the champions swords coursed through the blade and into the God King. Agony, the likes he had never felt before racked his body and mind, as the souls he had harnessed tore their way out of his body. His generals seeing their God and King fall ordered his body removed and ordered the remaining soldiers to engage the Heavenly forces so he could escape. Seeing Kharebutu being assisted from the battle field was the last sight the Champion of Good saw as the mortal wounds and dark magics sustained during his fight overcame him, but he knew that he had turned the tide of battle and the Heavens would be victorious.

As the battle for the Heavens raged, the God Kings mystics worked powerful spells and incantations trying to preserve what was left of Kharebutu's mind and body, expelling the blessed magics coursing through his body from the Angel Blade. Though they were successful in removing the magics consuming him, they were too late, as the the God Kings immortality had been stripped from him. His body withered before their eyes. In a last effort they cast a spell of protection over him that would mask his presence and perserve what was left of him. The ritual consumed the Mystics, leaving the King that would be a God on an alter in a secret catacombs for untold millienums.

However, something this evil and sinister can never stay dead. The corruptive magics of the Circle of Thorns reawoke the ageless horror through a dark and terrible ritual. On his return, he rewarded those who had brought him back by making them the first of his new army of Undead. While currently only at a fraction of the power and awareness that he once wielded, with each new soul he devours his strength returns and it is only a matter of time before he regains his full power.

Paragon Beware. Your Nightmares have only just begun.

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