"Your petty superstitions cannot overcome the pure and virtuous power of logic."


SECRET ID : Professor Thomas Marshall MSc.D
ARCHETYPE : Corruptor
ORIGIN : "Science"
PRIMARY : Ice Blast
SECONDARY : Kinetics
GLOBAL ID : @Redoubt2
POWERS : "Scientifically-derived" ability to super-freeze environmental moisture for use as an offensive weapon, and to sap opponents' life energies and boost those of allies.


Professor Thomas Marshall… now that was a pity. Young, bright, eminently logical. It's a shame he let his obsession with the mystical possess him - quite literally, I'm afraid. Seems Tom was bent on proving that these mystical forces that the Circle of Thorns are always rabbiting on about were just bedtime stories. Spent years getting hold of one of their so-called portals, getting the spell books together, setting up his grand experiment. Turns out the joke was on him, the thing actually worked! Must've had the instructions upside down, though - he demolished the entire mathematics building at Paragon University, took 'em months to dig him out. Everyone thought he'd be long dead, but he was still ticking along, if a bit pale. He was, however, mad as a hatter. Couldn't accept that there was anything beyond science, that he'd been wrong all those years. Something about how he'd "prove them wrong", whoever "they" were.

He wasn't in a padded cell five minutes before he blew the wall out and disappeared. Heard he's over in the Rogue Isles now, got tenure at some University for mad scientists, if you can believe that. They'll let anyone into that place.

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