Dr Quatrix

Is a man with nothing left a Villain? What is a man that is beyond madness?


SECRET ID : Dr. Leonard Bowen (parallel universe version)
ORIGIN : Science
PRIMARY : Battle Axe
SECONDARY : Shield Defense
GLOBAL ID : @Min Min
POWERS : Battle Axe: Chop, Gash, Build Up, Swoop, Taunt, Whirling Axe, Cleave, Pendulum Shield Defense: Deflection, Battle Agility, True Grit, Active Defense, Against All Odds, Phalanx Fighting, Shield Charge, One with the Shield Fitness: Swift, Health, Stamina Flight: Hover, Fly Fighting: Kick, Tough Weave

There are many worlds, many realities. Some are parallel to our own with only subtle differences. The tale of Dr Quatrix begins in one of these worlds.

In this world Dr Leonard Bowen pursued personal weapons research in much the same way as our own universe's version. Instrumental in creating the technology used for the monofilament field weaponry of his world's Vanguard Dr Bowen diverted his research into direct human augmentation. When his work began to look very promising indeed, his world's version of Arachnos issued him a stark ultimatum: to work for them or risk everything.

Unable to countenance working for such a deeply evil organisation, he refused, and his wife and child paid the ultimate price. Vowing to revenge them he threw himself into his work and began to take wild risks in self experimentation.

He remade himself. He used his earlier work to arm himself.

And they all died.

Each death pushed him inexorably towards madness. Once what was happening was discovered by the wider world, the heroes of this alternate world united to stand before him, but Bowen's madness was complete and he slaughtered them as well. Finally, one of the mightiest heroes of that world, an Archmage, used the last of his power and ripped open the barriers between worlds and thrust the madmen through.

The Void stripped Bowen of much of his power, and paradoxically, restored much of his sanity. Now he has come to our world. Severely depowered, but no longer mad, and with the guilt of what he has done on his hands. Where does such a man go? What does such a man do?

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