Cursed Amber



SECRET ID : Kelly Davies
ARCHETYPE : Dominator
ORIGIN : Magic
PRIMARY : Fire Control
SECONDARY : Psionic Assault
GLOBAL ID : @Min Min
POWERS : Cursed Amber's powers come from the magical amber she wears on her forehead. It cannot be removed short of magical means and nearly completely controls the young woman. The Magic that the cursed rock grants is essentially demonic and fire based, but it has also unlocked latent abilities within its host so that she now possesses powerful psionic attack ablities as well. The choice of Kelly as a host was for this purpose.

Char, Fire Cages, Hot Feet, Flashfire, Bonfire, Cinders - Psi Dart, Mind Probe, Psychic Scream, Drain Psyche, Subdue - Air Superiority, Flight, Swift, Health, Stamina, Hasten

Kelly Davies was not too long ago a Paragon University student majoring in Arcane Studies. (She was also Jennifer Andersen's roommate in her Founder's Falls student flat). It was during a research project at Paragon City Museum's Artifacts department that she encountered William Snyde and her life changed forever. Snyde only saw her in passing, but his magically attuned senses quickly picked up her latent psychic abilities.

Snyde had come into possession of a particularly poweful artifact some time ago; a piece of Amber with a powerful enchantment on it. He knew that he would never use it because the control aspect of the spell was too intrinsic to its nature, but he'd been keeping an eye out for a possible victim for a while. This young student fit the bill perfectly. It was a matter of simplicity to arrange that she contact the stone.

The Amber took hold of Kelly immediately after her bare hand touched it. The fury and euphoria of the stone exploded through the innocent girl and a huge magical discharge of fire blasted from her, destroying much of the museum and killing several people. When the police found her she was unharmed in the middle of the ruins babbling about her destiny and the end of the world. While the police took her into custody the last vestiges of control that Kelly had were ruthless extinguished by the cursed rock.

As an afterthought, Snyde as his alter ego "Discurate" arranged to send Arachnos troops to retrieve her from the Zig before magical aid was able to be summoned to remove the Amber from her.

Cursed Amber became her designation and her description as she pursued her destiny in the Rogue Isles.

I started Cursed Amber because I'd been meaning to do a Fire/Psi for a while and I wanted to create a character from scratch in the post-I9 world to see how feasible IOs would be while levelling up.

Some thoughts on what I've learned about Fire/Psi Dominators:

  • Fire/Psi is widely considered to be late-blooming. That belief is not wrong. At the time of writing she's level 30 and she is by far the weakest character I have taken to that level.
  • The points at which I expect things to change markedly are at L33 with slotted Fire Imps and at L38 with Psychic Shockwave.
  • What makes her weak is that her primary soft control, Flashfire, is very low duration even when slotted and is bugged in that it aggros mobs at the start of its fairly long animation, usually resulting in an alpha strike of some level.
  • Another source of concern is that she only gets her first decent ranged attack at L28. Prior to that she has to subsist off Mind Probe (brilliant under-appreciated melee power) and Psychic Scream (cone) which is more of a Shiver analogue than it is an attack.
  • Drain Psyche is the one shining point of the build so far, bringing much needed -regen to AV fights and turning her into a regen scrapper for short periods of time. That's the major issue with this power: the effect only lasts 30 seconds and the recharge is a lot more than that.

Some thoughts on what I've learned about IOs as you go through level progressions:

  • I did not start Amber without influence. She had a seed fund of about 300k, but it turns out I really didn't need that.
  • By doing mostly magic missions I managed to maximise influence on Amber far beyond the cost of any required common IOs and I was able to purchase several early IO sets as well.
  • IOs do help the Dominator teens substantially. Even on Amber, my weakest Dom, her mid-to-late teens were much better than even my more powerful Dominators such as Vostok Core and Fellstar.
  • At L22 I respecced away all my IOs and pruchased SOs. At L27 I did the same thing with the SOs and purchased all L30 common IOs and a few sets. She still has plenty of influence, never needing an influence transfer from one of my other characters or even dipping into her seed fund.
  • At L30 I now have better than SO enhancements in every power and some set bonuses. Other than purchases for slots that I have yet to earn I will never need to touch the enhancement slotting again. At L30. That's a major plus for me, as I have always found this aspect of the game a major chore.

Cursed Amber is the first Dominator that I've made on Justice that I have made any effort to roleplay at all. The central problem here is that it's usually all I can do just to stay alive and be useful; that leaves little time for the effort to stay in character. That being said, she's fun to roleplay. Bit like a cross between Emma Thompson's character from Harry Potter and Dr Doom :)

I have yet to PvP with Amber and I suspect it would be an interesting experience. Fast activating holds, psi damage, Drain Psyche and Psychic Scream are all major advantages in PvP, but I expect the most likely cause of death for my opponents would be boredom or old age given her damage output capability. Could be quite useful in team PvP.

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