SINISTER has coalitions with several other supergroups in order to broaden the availability of people to join in the fun. The majority of these super groups are small, consisting of one or two people. Of course, most of these other supergroups don't have coalition chat with each other, so the conversations may seem a little disjoint at times.

The Dead End

Two person group.

Leader: @Kerchak
Coalition Formed: March 2010

The DiSTiLLeRy

Leader: @Bourbon Bullet
Coalition Formed: December 2008

The Chaotic Order

A small Aussie SG.

Leaders: @RandomIce
Coalition Formed: December 2008

Dr. Universe Notorious College of Evil

A role-playing group that meets on Thursdays.

Leaders: @Lili
Coalition Formed: November 2008

Experimental Hazards

Leaders: @V.
Coalition Formed: August 2008

Rogue Isles Death Dealers

Leader: @X Razor X
Coalition Formed: February 2008

Evil Emblem

Lead: Lady Nanoha, Tralim
Coalition Formed: March 2008
Notable Members: psychom

Villains Inc.

Leader: @Kangaroo Jack.
Coalition Formed: August 2007
Notable members: @Lord Stonecold, Kangaroo Jack., Hellstorm

Cirque du Sinistre

This is the circus themed supergroup offshoot of SINISTER, for some zany role-playing fun.

Leader: @Lili, @Min Min
Coalition Formed: June 2008

Southern Cross Syndicate

This was the alt group for SINISTER back in the days when the super group membership was limited to 75. It has been inactive since the limit was raised to 150, but may become necessary again as SINISTER's membership increases.

Leaders: @Min Min, @Lili
Coalition Formed: before history

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