Heave to dog and surrender the plunder


SECRET ID :Unknown
ORIGIN :Natural
PRIMARY :Dual Blades
SECONDARY :Willpower

CHARACTER HISTORY : Dante Blackaxe is the youngest son of a Scottish lord and his Italian lady. With his limited chance to inherit Dante applied for and received a letter of marque to attack the spanish shipping plying the carribean.

Dante destroyed many ships during the French and Indian War and then later in the American War of 1812 using the training he received while growing up. During a stay in port while waiting for repairs to his ship, Dante visited a strange shaman who told him that a medallion that he had taken from a recent prize would lead him to great power. Shortly afterwards he was captured by an American captain who toke the medallion and left him for dead.

Unwilling to go quietly, Dante struggled his way to shore and started to track down the medallion. Several times he tracked down the current holder of the medallion only to find that some twist of fate had caused posession of the medallion to be passed to someone else.

Centuries passed un-noticed with Blackaxe's quest uncompleted, finally with his money gone, his identity gone and his family believing him long dead he turned to piracy to finance his quest. After completing several hijacks, Blackaxe stumbled on a trapped container leading him to be captured and imprisoned in the zig.

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