Naturally some SINISTER members are keen on the mission architect, so here are some of the arcs that we've created. You can discuss them on the forums.


Name: Old Timey Oddities
Mission ID: 53552
Author: @KnockaroundGuy

Name: The Lab
Mission ID: 43258
Author: @KnockaroundGuy

Name: Obamanation
Mission ID: 32965
Author: @Yellow.Streak

Name: Welcome To The Black Parade
Mission ID: 32448
Author: @KnockaroundGuy

Name: Just Deserts
Mission ID: 22197
Author: @Hamern

Name: No Honour Among Thieves
Mission ID: 4336
Author: @Lili

Name: Mind of a King
Mission ID: 1826
Author: @TigerKat

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